Sports are available beginning in 7th grade.

    Athletes are encouraged to pursue excellence on the field, in the gym, and everywhere in between!

     Our goal is to develop our atheletes physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually.

  While developing their God-given talents and abilities through competitive play, athletes are encouraged to cultivate godly character traits, integrity, and teamwork.

All athletes are required to have a current sports physical before they can practice.


Basketball Games Schedule


Fall Sport for 7th-12th grade girls


Winter Sport for Girls and Boys

7th-12th grade


Winter Sport for Girls 7th-12th grade


Fall Sport for boys 7th -12 th grade.

Cross Country

Fall Sport for  Boys and Girls

7th-12th grade

Spring Sport Softball for Girls 7th-12th grade

Spring Sport Baseball for Boys 7th-12th grade